Episode 6 – Pokemon Gone!

Not ones to be left out of the latest gamng craze, Mike and Mark try out Pokemon Go and find out the depths people will go to to catch em all!

Also, E3 catchup (yes its been that long), what we have been playing. Well what Mike has been playing really. The Division divided, No Man’s Sky, VR Holiday and a new twist on the Retro section.

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Episode 4 – ECHO Location Discovered

Welcome back Agent! Mike and Mark record what may be their final podcast due to some new that Mike read on the internet. Will it be a quick dash to safety or certain doom?

Also, they look at Ratchet & Clank on PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, games that we haven’t played and our upcoming pre-orders. Ending the podcast off is current dissapointment and a trip into our Retro Corner to look at the games that made us the gamers we are today.

Enjoy the show and stay safe out there Agent!

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Episode 3 – Beast Master

Its been awhile, but Episode 3 is here at last! What a treat we have for you as well! I finally got a recording set-up that doesn’t cause peoples ears to bleed, so that’s nice.

On the show, we delve into what we have (or haven’t) been playing, the trend of walking games,the future of VR and game of the moment, Far Cry Primal. Which Mike seems to like a lot. Also, we both talk about our thoughts after The Division open beta. There is also time for a little Destiny chat as always.

Also, Check our new intro music composed and recorded by Mike, pretty rocking!

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Tom Clancy’s The Division – Beta Impressions

theDivision The Division came out of hiding this week with a closed beta, that I was able to get access to . Ubisoft have a lot riding on this game after a less than stellar 2015. First shown at E3 back in 2013 with a stunning trailer that gave a glimpse of what our next gen future could look like and it looked mighty fine.  Since then the reality of these current consoles has hit home and Ubisoft have fallen foul of this on a number of occasions. With Watch Dogs final visual quality compared to its original E3 showing and Assassin’s Creed Unity’s issues. I, like many others, had not expected much of The Division and for me it had dropped off the radar.

This past weekend though, Ubisoft launched a closed beta and I was able to get a key for it and spend some time with the latest in the Tom Clancy series. All I can say is I liked it!

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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Announced


It will come as no surprise to some people that I am a bit of a Star Wars fanboy. Let me correct that, I am a renewed Star Wars fan after JJ brought back the faith back in December and having had a Christmas that may of had a theme to it…


Star Wars is back in my life big time and whilst Star Wars Battlefront, and its future DLC, scratches that original trilogy itch, there is not a game for The Force Awakens (that does not involve the purchase of more plastic figures that I cannot hide from the family). Thankfully, Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens was announced for pretty much every platform available. The game is coming out on 28th June 2016. Which is around the same time as the home release of the film itself. The game will not only bring the story of The Force Awakens to the Lego universe, it will focus on content exploring the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

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Episode 1 – The Taken in?

POdcast%2520logoWe are here for our first official episode! Mike and Mark jump straight into news fresh from the PlayStation Experience. Before delving into our biggest disappointments of 2015 and most pleasant surprise as well!. As well as the usual look at what we have been playing, a tiny bit of Destiny moaning and we set ourselves some gaming goals.

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta – Arrives Tomorrow!


Breaking news! The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer beta that is meant to launch on Friday has been brought forward to tomorrow. From 5pm GMT Thursday 3rd December, you can download and take part in the beta. The only provision is that you purchased the Nathan Drake Collection. The beta will be accessible from within the collections main menu and will require a 7GB download.

The details of what is included in the beta are still under wraps, but it wont be long for you to find out. The beta runs until the 13th December, giving you a whole 10 days to get hands on with Naughty Dogs newest game. In the meantime lets take a look at Paris Games Week Trailer.

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Episode Zero – Here We Go!


Mike and I sit down for the first time to discuss our gaming lives so far, buying a Wii U, Alien Vs Star Wars and how we feel about Destiny now The Taken King has been out for awhile. We also take a look at our pile of physical shame and Black Friday bargains

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