Episode 20 – Kamurocho or bust!

Its our twentieth episode and its jammed pack full of the gaming rambling and discussion you can only find here. This time we talk Yakuza (again!), Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest Builders and the speed of TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge. Also, we discuss the latest Nintendo Direct and the reappearance of violence in video games debate.

Its time to take a couple of the hours out of the busy world and listen to two middle age men chat rubbish about gaming. What have you got to lose?

We also now have a email address! So send your comments or questions to us to: twooldgamerspodcast@gmail.com.

Don’t forget you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are putting up a special Monster Hunter World lets play very soon.

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Podcast Extra

Hi Everyone!

Just a little a quick extra podcast for you as Mike and Mark sit down for 30 minutes to quickly chat about some recent disappointing delays, digging out the PS3 and the latest game to grab our lives completely, Monster Hunter World!

We also now have a email address! So send your comments or questions to us to: twooldgamerspodcast@gmail.com.

Don’t forget you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are putting up a special Monster Hunter World lets play very soon.

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Episode 19 – New Year, New Podcast?

It’s 2018 and we have decided to add something new to our little podcast. Structure! From now on we will be delivering a less rambling version of the TOGcast with new features such as INTRO, Playtest, Current Affairs, What’s in store and On the Horizon. Its all very exciting!

This month, we talk about Christmas gaming, going back to the Division, new bargains and try our hardest to not bad talk Destiny 2. Oh, and maybe some light Yakuza talk.

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Episode 18 – On the road to Hyrule!

The Two Old Gamers hit the road again! This time its not a dash for the Isle of Wight, but a lightspeed journey to the paradise that is Hammersmith Apollo! We are off to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. That leaves plenty of time to talk about the latest EA disaster, Battlefront II. How much we are enjoying Skyrim on Switch and what else we are playing. Game of the year and dissapointment of the year. Of course, we have left plenty of time for our usual Yakuza chat with the possibility of a demo for Kiwami 2 appearing in Japan this week.

Stick around for the journey home, where we talk Zelda and the best burger ever made!

**WARNING – This episode is our sweariest episode yet. Not our fault but the drivers around us made us!**

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Episode 17 – Games Games Games!

Its that time of year again! Games season is upon us and Mike and Mark try to keep up with all the cool games of the moment. So order of the day is Destiny 2, Mario + Rabbids, Golf Story and a little game called Super Mario Odyssey. I am sure that won’t be any good. Also we take a look at the news, what we are looking forward and even touch on Game of the Year 2017.

Join us for another 90 minutes of gaming banter and discussion and we hope you enjoy the show!

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Episode 16 – Honor & Dragons

After a summer break, Mike and Mark are back to talk abot all the gaming they have been upto over the summer months. Highlights include a new No Man’s Sky patch, that actually makes it good! For Honor, a medieval fighting game that is the best thing to get over Game of Thrones ending. Finally, its time to talk about the Dragon of Dojima again, as not only is there a new Yakuza game, but there is lots of Yakuza related news to get stuck into.

Also, Sonic and Mario grace the Switch!

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Episode 15 – Mostly Harmless

Another month, another chance for Mike and I to sit down and discuss all things gaming. We finally get a chance to look back at this years E3 and try to decide “Who won E3!”. Apart from that its games, games, games for the second month in a row. With one major release on PS4 stealing our hearts, minds and lives… Elite Dangerous. So expect a plethora of Space based stories based around unfair fines, overworked space traffic control workers and problems with the range of our interdicter.

Also, we talk about Until Dawn, ARMS, and as much Diablo III talk that Mike would allow. (not much). So take a seat sit back and enjoy the sounds of two middle aged men softly talking about beam laser power distribution.


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Episode 14 – I forgot the title

Somewhere in this 14th episode of the TOGCast, we thought of a really good name for this episode. Except I forgot what we said and can’t find it! Let me know if you do!

In this bumper length episode of TOGCast…. Mark plays games! Mike buys games! Mike plays bad games! Mark finds his inner super hero and we all decide what would be good at E3 2017!

Tune in and enjoy the latest informative podcast from Two Old Gamers!

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Episode 13 – Unlucky for you!

We have made it to our 13th episode! You lucky people. No need to thank us, we know!

In this mega episode of the TOGCast, we talk about  Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Zelda, MarioKart and more! Call of Duty WW2 has us both excited and we also look at what is left to come this year.

So sit down, pour a glass of your favorite something and relax as we soothe your stresses away with our blend of video game news and opinions.

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Episode 12 – Breath Effect

It should come as no surprise what game Mike and I are going to talk about this episode. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has consumed our lives with its breathtaking world and size, along with the adventure that goes with it. We also talk about our other Switch experiences and games. We jump into the first Splatoon 2 Test fire session live whilst recording. Finally we touch on Mass Effect: Andromeda and give our first impressions of the latest entry on the sci-fi RPG series. Is it going to fill the space left by Shepard?

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