What is it with No Man’s Sky

I have been searching for a particular game for a long time. Way back in my Acorn Electron days, I though it would be fantastic if I had a game that mashed Elite and Strykers Run. Then I had the same feeling when I got my PC and wished there was a way to mash X-Wing and Dark Forces together to make the ultimate space game. I wanted to explore the surface of a planet, jump in my trusty spaceship and blast off to the next galaxy for more adventure. Frontier: Elite II came close but nothing has really given me the game I wanted since I was a kid.

Then came a new hope in 2013, a small indie company based out of Guildford, made up of ex EA employees, called Hello Games revealed to the world what they had been working on. At VGX Awards they showed the world the first glimpse of a space exploration game called No Man’s Sky. I knew at the point I had found the game I had been searching for.

Since that initial reveal, Sean Murray (the founder and face of Hello Games) has drip fed the community with small teases of how and what the game is. With every 5 minutes of new footage released at E3, I knew more and more this could have the potential to be the most fantastic space exploration experience on console ever. I was on the Hype Train early and it was not going to be a smooth journey. Questions about what you actually do in the game and if there would be any combat seemed to go unanswered. The brief 5 minute segements at trade shows did not show enough. Then again, how do you show off a complex universe simulation in 5 minutes, you can’t its impossible.

I started to get doubts whether all of the scope of Hello Games would actually appear in a finished product. Then came the delay and I started to wonder if it would ever come out at all. I should of lost heart, as I normally do, but this was the thing I wanted and if it did not deliver the experience promised in the gameplay footage at least I would own one of the prettiest in game maps ever.

Skip forward to 9th August 2016, and I am sat in front of a monitor watching the countdown clock tick away on my digital pre-order for No Man’s Sky. As it reach midnight the game unlock, launched and my gaming wish came true. No Man’s Sky not only delivers in the game I wanted all these years, it exceeds it. With Alien languages to learn, space pirates to fight, bounties to collect and 18 quintillion planets to explore. They have created for this Old Gamer a game that at the moment I think I could play forever…

Let’s see what the Universe brings!



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