Destiny launches new refer-a-friend scheme


If you told me that this week I would be writing about a Destiny referal program… well to be honest I may not of been that surprised. Destiny got good with the launch of The Taken King in September, then it got dirty with arrival of micro-transactions for emotes. Now it seems it wants to turn you into a digital pusher. This feels a little weird…


If you know anyone who does not play Destiny and is on the same console family as you, then you can send them a referal code via This code allows your friend to accept your referal and enter the code to ‘Link’ with you (After they have purchased the game and before the first week of playing it). Once linked you can both start the new quest line “A Tale of Two Guardians”, which will start you both on a quest line with exclusive rewards for both players.


Rewards include, an exclusive legendary sword, a legendary tron inpspired sparrow, Vector Infinite, a new banner and colour shader. Oh and two new emotes that can only be done with two players. What is it with Activision’s need to ram dances down our throats like their Pokemon. Surely I cannot be alone in thinking that a large amount of the Destiny player base couldnt give a flying monkey about what dance your avatar can do at the end of a 4 hour raid?

This is what will keep Destiny becoming the game that Bungie first realised, that is the Activision money making machine. Destiny should not have micro-transactions and referal schemes, it should have new content and new modes to keep the player base sticking around. I fully expect Destiny to have some form of auction house before the end of 2016.

If I have to find a positive to this latest Destiny update, it has to be this trailer promoting the refer-a-friend scheme. Its pretty awesome. Until next time, remember… I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.

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