Destiny: The Taken King – Lost to Light and Regicide


We are nearing the end of The Taken Kings Story missions and we start this part with a trip to the moon to collect part of Crota’s soul from the crystal destroyed in The Dark Below quest line. All seems to be going well, a little too well. Bungie throw in a new twist to the end of the mission that shows that they are prepared to turn Destiny tried and tested formula on its head in order to make a memorable mission.

For the final part, I have become ascendant and its time to enter the rupture and have word with Oryx. Let’s see if we can sort this out peacefully without resorting to a massive battle and tonnes of gunfire and explosions… Probably not!

Spoilers – I won! Now once again I am at the end game of another Destiny expansion, but this time its different. I have been bombarded with new questlines, strikes and then there is the Dread Patrol. Oryx’s dreadnaught has opened up as a new patrol area and is full of secrets to be unlocked. Destiny seems to have finally cottoned on to the content problem and is a much better game for it.

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