GTA V Update – Rockstar Editor on Consoles!


In all the excitement last week of The Taken King. I almost forgot that Rockstar released the latest GTA V update. The new update added Freemode events to GTA Online. These freemode events are activities you can just jump straight into with out having to enter tedious lobbies or matchmaking. I have not tried these out yet. This is because I have been to engrossed in the other edition to PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V, The Rockstar Editor.


The Rockstar Editor was an exclusive feature of the PC version of GTA V when it launched earlier this year. It allows you to record gameplay footage direct from the game amd then launch into a separate editor that allows you to change the camera angles, panning, effects, audio and sound effects. Then when you are happy with your creation, upload it straight to YouTube with no fuss.

For someone like me, I could spend hours with a tool like this. Creating mini movies of various genres. Take for example my first proper attempt at a movie. Using the Director mode, which allows to select your actor, setting and location. I created a short slasher flick, featuring a woman on a rampage. Have a look below.

That took me about 20 minutes to put together. Next, I wanted to try something more action packed. So I set off with mr GTA Online persona to cause some vehicle based action. After pulling off a pretty cool stunt in my bright yellow car. I set about editing it in to an action masterpiece. An hour later of placing markers adjust camera postions and adding some slow motion, I added the final touch, Top Gun classic Danger Zone by Kenny Logins. This is that video…

In between, The Taken King and MGS V I can see myself having a lot of fun with GTA V and I am looking to make an arthouse movie soon. Watch this space!

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