Destiny: The Taken King – Cayde’s Stah and Oryx’s Dreadnaught


Continuing with my playthrough of the new Destiny expansion, The Taken King and its on to the next mission. Hunter Vanguard, Cayde needs me to get the stealh crive he hid in the Cosmorome. The only snag its a the top of huge space rocket and the Fallen and the Taken are after it as well. Sounds like an average day in Destiny then.

Once again, Cayde’s Stash is a brilliant example of bungie getting back to the epicness of Halo. This mission takes to the higest point you can get in the Cosmodrome, and fight all the way up to. There is Fallen and Taken to contend with and a boss battle at the top. Brilliant mission!

So now I have a stealth ship,what better time to sneak aboard Oryx’s command ship The Dreadnaught. What could possibly go wrong?

Ok so this actually two missions, but they are so good I could not stop playing. The first mission sees the plan to infiltrate Oryx’s Dreadnaught go spectactuarly wrong. This leaves to explore this massive warship full of Taken. It doesn’t take long before you discover a Cabal ship crashed into the side of the Dreadnaught. Cabal soliders are fighting off the Taken as a last ditch effort avenge the attack on their base in Phobos. The good news they brought a wartank with them and you need to stop it before you can enter their ship.

The next mission sees you weaken the cabal forces, so that you enter their ship and see what intel they have on the massive Dreadnaught and if they know where Oryx is. Once again Bungie have thrown in a large does of Halo into this mission which starts off with you in the middle of a large scale firefight between two factions both of which wnat you dead more than each other.

The Taken king is shaping up to be the best content for Destiny so far… Stay tuned for more gameplay!

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