Destiny: The Taken King – New Gameplay


After an unexpected 18GB patch download,that PSN handled pretty well for a change. It was time at about 22:00 last night to get stuck into the new Destiny expansion. I have mentioned in my last post about the many changes brought in for year two. The major change for The Taken King expansions is something that was missing from year one. That feature is storytelling!

Take a look at the opening to the game in the video below (about 17 mins in). The opening cinematic is more epic than the entire of Destiny. It actually explains more story that the entire of Destiny as well. Then, we cut to Phobos and a Cabal base under attack from a mysterious force. This opening to The Taken King brings back the Halo days for me. Wandering into the unknown from set piece to set piece until all hell breaks loose and you are fighting to survive. Well done Bungie, this is the game I wanted to play!

Thats not all though, after finishing up the opening mission I unlocked the chance to unlock my character’s new special power. With the new expansion all classes get a new power tree. The Titan gets the Sunbreaker power set, which allows user to wield a hammer of solar energy. Hunters get the Nightstalker set, when powered up gives them a Void powered bow. As for my Warlock, I got the  Stormcaller power tree, when activated I can fire Arc energy, like the Emperor from Star Wars. Its very cool. Once again, check out the mission below from last nights stream.

More storytelling in tha tone little sidequest than most of year one. Really makes a difference to the game. More Taken King later in the week.

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