Tonight, Bedtime is brought to you by… Nintendo?

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just caved in and got a 3DS. Now although the console is full of amazing games and add-ons. The one thing I did not expect for this was changing the way I did bedtime. Every night for the last two weeks as I get my eldest daughter (BG) into bed, she looks at me and asks.

“Hows Link doing, Daddy?”

So i have been telling all about Link’s adventures and showing her what he has done on his quest to save Princess Zelda. Using the games in built hint system, “Sheikah Stones”, allowing me to show her clips of Link’s journey.

Seeing her face light up when she saw that the now grown up Link was able to ride the horse Epona, which she last saw as a pony a few days earlier, made my day.
We take time to stop and explain things that she doesn’t quite understand. Like explaining what a hero is and why do they help people.

So, thank you Nintendo for the best night time story ever!

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