Hi there! Welcome to my new gaming blog. I am hoping that this blog will allow me to share the experience of being a Daddy to two little girls and they way this has affected my video gaming.

With my eldest being 4 years old, she has started to show a lot more interest in what I am playing and can easily pick out major gaming figures from the boxes in my local Game. She has her own console now (a Leapster Explorer) and loves to play and show me her achievements on the games she has on it.

My youngest is 2 years old and she loves to watch pretty games and also the smash my Rock Band drums to pieces in the style of Animal.

For the years before marriage and kids, I got myself hooked to a couple of MMO’s, namely City of Heroes and World of Warcraft. Which I found to be a life sucking and sometimes soul crushing experience (Don’t get me started on that). Couple that in with an unhealthy need to import the latest consoles from Japan and you can see why I was poor for most of my twenties. Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, PSP the fun never stopped! Then things changed in a way I never expected…. I met someone special!

My wife and I had been friends for years, but getting together and having someone in my life changed the way I gamed forever. Out went the MMO’s (I had a life again you see) and the constant over spending on games stopped to a more careful gaming strategy. Along with the purchase of a Xbox 360, started the quest for achievements (currently 42097!). In the last few years I have enjoyed for the first time getting a game and playing it through to the end.

Since the arrival of my eldest, I knew I had to find a way of incorporating my gaming with her. This has lead me down some creative paths. For example, I have played GTA IV with my daughter sat on my lap watching the screen. Before I get complaints, with the sound off and more suitable music being provided by the PC (Cbeebies hits or something). We simply catch a cab from Niko’s city apartment and take a walk around the park and watch the birdies play. One violent, mass murdering, Daily Mail baiting video game turned into a feed the ducks simluator.

Now I am on the crest of going from full on Hardcore gamer down to casual gamer. A recent purchase of a 3DS sees me boarding the Nintendo train yet again. Tune in next time to see how I am getting on with it.

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